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Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association
Member of Safety Groups UK    Affiliated to ROSPA

Tel: 07881 290238, e-mail:
Established 1930


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Welcome to BHSEA   
Alan Butler Award winners 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
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Our main aim is to help improve standards of Health and Safety and the Environment at work.
We have a programme of monthly meetings and a staffed office and resources centre.
We are also involved in promoting health and safety 'behind the scenes' including giving advice, particularly to smaller organisations and working with the HSE and other enforcing organisations.
For more information please contact the BHSEA Secretary:
Tel: 07881 290238, e-mail:

News Update 2019
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  • Added 26/9/19
    BHSEA: September Newsletter published

  • Added 23/9/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from September meeting available
    'Managing Paint Spraying'
    'Achieving Contractor and Supplier Management Success'

  • Added 28/7/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from the July SHAD available
    'Temporary Works in Construction'

  • Added 10/7/19
    BHSEA: June Newsletter published

  • Added 6/7/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from June meeting available
    'Legal update'
    'Registered Safety Supplier Scheme'

  • Added 22/5/19
    BHSEA: May Newsletter published

  • Added 22/5/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from May meeting available
    'Welding Fume update'
    'Legionella Control'
    'Hand Arm Vibration'

  • Added 13/5/19
    BHSEA: April Newsletter published

  • Added 13/5/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from the Annual Seminar available
    'Asbestos: Still Out There -Still a Killer'

  • Added 13/5/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from April meeting available
    'ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System'
    'Feeding the American Army in Normandy'

  • Added 22/3/19
    BHSEA: March Newsletter published

  • Added 19/3/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from March meeting available
    'Improving the health of workers'
    'Alcohol and drugs in the workplace'
    'Near miss investigation'

  • Added 20/2/19
    BHSEA: February Newsletter published

  • Added 19/2/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from February meeting available
    'Risk Assessments -what does the law require?'
    'Safety Apps'
    'Examples of Risk Assessments'

  • Added 4/2/19
    BHSEA: January Newsletter published

  • Added 2/2/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from January meeting available
    'HSE's HSE Progress Report, Plans & Priorities'
    'Conversational Gambits'

  • Added 2/1/19
    BHSEA: December Newsletter published

  • Added 2/1/19
    BHSEA: Presentation from December meeting available
    'Work Equipment Inspections'

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2019 programme dates
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Monday 11 November
Environmental Update
Meeting starts at 1.30pm
Complimentry lunch from 12.45pm
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