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Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association
Established 1930
Member of Safety Groups UK    Affiliated to ROSPA


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Benefits of being a Member of BHSEA

What will BHSEA provide for you?

  • Monthly meetings on current issues

  • Monthly BHSEA newsletter and free HSC Newsletter

  • Contact with HSE Inspectors on neutral ground

  • Networking with your fellow members

  • Answers to you Health, Safety and Environmental problems

  • The latest HSE publications, both free and charged

What can you do for BHSEA?

  • Attend our monthly meetings

  • Share your experience with fellow members at meetings

  • Tell your business contacts about us!

  • Send us information for our Safety Information Centre

If you feel adventurous or are proud of an important initiative in your firm, why not present short paper at one of our monthly meetings?

For more information please contact the BHSEA Secretary:
Tel: 07881 290238, e-mail:

What sort of firms and organisations join BHSEA?

BHSEA has some 330 members who are drawn from a wide range of industries such as Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Finance, Education, Local Government, Insurance, Training, Consultancy etc. Indiviuals can also join BHSEA.

They vary in size from one-man businesses with limited, local operations to large firms employing thousands of staff (some with multinational links)

This variety of backgrounds and experiences is the very quality that gives BHSEA its unique ability to achieve its aims.


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