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For copyright reasons these summaries are in pdf format and can be viewed but not printed out or copied. Should you wish to use any of the contents please contact the BHSEA Secretary.

Caution: Information, regulations etc. may not be up to date or current now.

HSE -Strategies, Plans and Priorities     Slides to go with the presentation -Paul Billinger, EPD Manufacturing Sector
Learning from Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses    Slides to go with the presentation -Mike Pearson @ SATS LTD
Coaching: Be the best you can be    Slides to go with the presentation -Michael Emery, Securus Health & Safety Limited
Psychosocial Risk Factors    Slides to go with the presentation -Lizz Fields-Pattinson, Occupational Psychologist, Tribe
Health and Safety Skills -George Allcock, BHSEA Chair
CDM: Is it doing the job two years on?    Slides to go with the presentation -Tony Mitchell, HM Principle Inspector
Safety by Design    Slides to go with the presentation -Ray Gold, RDG Engineering
CCTV assisting the Health and Safety Practitioner    Slides to go with the presentation -Aaron Kernaghan,Ecl-ips Ltd
Wellbeing: What, Why and How    Slides to go with the presentation -Les Wright, University of Birmingham
CDM, Fire and the Key Risks    Why Do We Need Fire Protection? -Ed Fryer, HSE
Fire Protection on Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation: Practical Solutions -Rob Wakes, Spectrum Fire Protection
Fire Safety in Construction -Richard Huntley and Steve Lewis, Mace
Managing Staff with Mental Health Problems    Slides to go with the presentation -Sophie Gask, Occupational Health Adviser, University of Birmingham
Beyond Behavioural Safety    Slides to go with the presentation -Kevin Hard, Organisational Culture and Individual Development
Nudging Health and Safety    Slides to go with the presentation -Dr Jenny Lunt, J Lunt Associates
10 Tips In Case and When Making Insurance Claims    Slides to go with the presentation -Michael Abbott, MA Claims Support
Preparing for an Enforcement Visit         Slides to go with the presentation -Sarah Palfreyman, HSE and Richard Heath, Cast Metals Federation
Legal Update    Slides to go with the presentation -Louise Mansfield, Associate, Pinsent Masons LLP

Annual Seminar: Buisness Continuity -Improving Resilience: Reducing Risk 27.4.17    Flyer and programme
Business risks and the law -Sean Elson, Pinsent Mason
Achieving Resilience: Mind your own buisness    Promoting and selling Resilience -Dominic Louks RISC Authority Manager
Business Continuity and Risk Management -Adrian Simmonds, QBE
Business Continuity Toolbox
Business Continuity Exercise

HSE -Annual Progress Report and Future Plans -Samantha Peace, HSE Divisional Director, Wales, Midlands and South
Manual Handling – A different approach -Stewart Cruikshank, Pristine Condition
Scaffolding Update including T20:13 -2 years on and SG4:15 -New     Slides to go with the presentation -Ray Johnson, Joint Managing Director, Safety and Access Ltd
Digital Risk & Safety     Slides to go with the presentation -David Appleyard in conjunction with David Benford, BlackStage Forensics
Keeping Health and Safety Simple in a Complicated World -Geoffrey Brown, HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety Field Operations Directorate
Racking, what can go wrong? -Ralph Weaver, BHSEA Member
Legal Update: Sentencing Guidlines     Slides to go with presentation -David Egan and Simon Naylor, DWF
Bird and Pest Solutions -David Warren, Cannon Pest Control
Stress Related Case Law     Slides to go with presentation -Louise Mansfield, Pinsent Masons
Taking the Stress out of Mental Health     Slides to go with presentation -Lee Dargue, Siemens
Mental Health First Aid Standard course dates
Wellbeing, engaging the workforce -3M Safe Tea Break -Jenn Raymond, Senior Marketing Executive, 3M Personal Safety Division
‘It’s All Gone Wrong – What Do I Do Now?’     Slides to go with presentation -Louise Mansfield, Associate, Pinsent Masons and Tony Mitchell, HM Principal Inspector, HSE Construction Division, Birmingham
The Weird World of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)     Slides to go with the presentation -Hugo Bibby, LinkMicrotec
Driving Safely at Work     Slides to go with the presentation -Colin Tuck, Aston University
Arc Flash     -Slides to go the presentation -Steven Kirk, Scheider Electric
Electricity at Work: Practical application of the 1989 Regulations     -Slides to go with presentation -George Allcock, BHSEA Chair
Transitioning to ISO 14001:2015     Slides to go the presentation> -Dr Anu Spratley, Cathederal Hygiene
Environmental Law Update    Slides to go the presentation -Fiona Ross, Pincent Masons LLP
Pollution Prevention (Waste)    Slides to go the presentation -Alison Whelan, Environmental Health Office, Waste Enforcement Unit

Claims Management Seminar 20.4.16    Flyer and programme
Introduction     The Law –What You Need To Know     Claims process - who does what and when?     Real Life Claims     Defending Claims Successfully     A Company and Client Perspective

Good Health is Good Business SHAD 26.4.16    Flyer and programme
Managing Occupational Health in Construction     Practical Approach to Dust Extraction    Construction Dust Awareness     Personal HAVS Protection     Noise Levels and Hearing Protection     Stressors in Construction Industry

Plant Safety SHAD 6.7.16
Plant Safety -an Overview     Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) & PAS 128     Utility Avoidance     Pictures here

Back to Basics SHAD November 2016
Health and Safety in Construction

HSE -Annual Progress Report and Future Plans -Samantha Peace, HSE Divisional Director, Wales, Midlands and South
Food Safety: From ‘Horsegate’ to Nanotechnology -Himmat Rai, Director, Sentinel Safety Solutions
CDM, What's the Latest    Slides to go with presentation -Tony Mitchell, HM Principal Inspector, HSE
Health and Safety Adviser -How to do it    Slides to go with presentation -David Hughes
Warehouse Racking Safety: The Importance of Inspection and Maintenance   Slides   Video 1   Video 2 to go with presentation -Steve Cowen
Mental Health in the Workplace -Lee Dargue
Personal Safety and Loan Working    Slides to go with presentation -Neil Jobes and Partrick Donovan
Skin Cancer Melanome    Slides to go with presentation -Stephen Parton
Myth v Reality, What is reasonably practical     Slides to go with presentation -Nicola Cardenas-Blanco
Engaging Leaders –driving change -George Alcock
Sentencing Update     Slides to go with presentation -Chris Hopkins
So What Really is a Sprinkler System?     Slides to go with presentation -Duncan McIntyre
Common Failings in Managing Construction Health Risks and How to Put Them Right   Slides to go with presentation -Lucy McDonnell
The SafeTea Break   Slides to go with presentation -George Elliott
The New 'CE' Marking Requirements -P Evans  
Manual Handling in the Express Parcels Industry -Malcolm Copson  
Your Partners in Culture Change -Lizz Fields-Pattinson  
Winter Weather Policy Management -Steve Parton  

Construction symposium 22.4.15 -Information and presentations

Safe Working in Excavations SHAD 7.7.15    Flyer and programme
Introduction to Excavation Safety     Plant Operators Competence    Planning and Controlling Excavation Work     Photos

Back to Basics (in Construction) SHAD 22.9.15    Flyer and programme
Overview of Health and Safety in the Construction Industry     CDM 2015 -What Contractors have to do     Temporary Works     Occupational Health in Construction     Information for Scaffolding Contractors     Risk Management -what is suitable -fit for purpose?    

HSE -Annual Progress Report and Future Plans -Samantha Peace, HSE Divisional Director, Wales, Midlands and South
Lessons for Health and Safety Practitioners from the social science discipline of organisational development Speaker's handout    Write up from presentation
Scaffolding Update including TG20:13      Slides to go with the presentation
Times are changing, are you?    Slides to go with presentation
Health Screening     Slides to go with presentation
Legal Update    
Civil Liability Compensation Culture    
Action on Hearing Loss    
Seeing the bigger picture – improving construction through (CDM) regulation change     Slides to go with presentation
Recognising and Treating Japanese Knotweed     Slides to go with presentation
Managing a Workforce Exposed to a Respiratory Sensitiser    Slides to go with presentation
First Aid in Practice    Slides to go with presentation
Face Fit Testing     Slides to go with presentation
Face Fit Testing in Practice     Slides to go with presentation
Sudden Cardiac Arrest and defibrillators     Slides to go with presentation

Presentation from Safety and Health awareness Days (SHADS)
What are 'Temporary Works'?
Temporary Works in Construction and Refurbishment -An overview of issues
Formwork and falsework -Good management and practice
Crane accident
Collapse during concrete pour
Roofwork -work at height and fragile roofs
Use of Ladders update
Constructing Better Health (CBH)
Working at Heights -Solar Panels installation
Construction Dust -Much More than a Nuisance

2014 Working Well Together
HSE's Plan of Work for Construction for 2014/2015

HSE -the year ahead    Slides to go with presentation
GKN Think Safe    Slides to go with presentation
Temporary Works    Slides to go with presentation
Fire Matters – What’s New/Changed?    Slides to go with presentation
Diabetes and the Effects on Work     Slides to go with presentation
Metal Theft    Slides to go with presentation    'Smartwater' slides
Fee For Intervention (FFI) 7 months on: HSE update     Slides to go with presentation
Fee For Intervention (FFI) 7 months on: Legal update    Slides to go with presentation
Jackson Reforms   Jackson Reforms notes   Slides to go with presentation
The Benefits of a Robust Environmental Management System for your Business   Slides to go with presentation Epilepsy and Work   Epilepsy Aware training leaflet
Mock trial   Mock trial learning points
Excavations and Work at Height   Slides to go with presentation
Buried Services   Cable Detection
Electricity at Work Regulations, Amendment 1 to BS 7671 and the inspection and testing of electrical equipment   Slides to go with presentation
Asbestos in machinary   Slides to go with the presentation
Skincare and hand hygiene in the workplace   Slides to go with the presentation
Driving safely for work   Slides to go with the presentation
Construction Dusts -more than a Nuisance!

Looking at the way forward for BHSEA and workshop 23 May 2013 to discuss
Presentation given at February meeting     Slides to go with presentation
Presentation given at March meeting     Slides to go with presentation
Members questionnaire extract of results and analysis

Health and Safety Midlands: Presentations given at Motor Cycle Museum
12 September  13 September

HSE Annual Progress Report and Future Plans   Handout
Default Retirement Age and Agency Workers – A legal update
Safety Risk Training in Japan
Waste Not, Want Not
"I Prevented an Accident"
Fee For Intervention   Slides to go with presentation
Slips and Trips –an NHS Perspective   Slides to go with presentation
Welcome to BHSEA   Risk Assessment and safety management systems -given to the visiting Chinese Delegation
Dodgy Towere, Spas and Showers
In Defence of the Safety Adviser In Defence of the Safety Adviser   Slides to go with presentation
Become a [Health and Safety] Champion
Health Risks at Work Campaign
The Undercover Killer: Carbon Monoxide   Slides to go with presentation
Asbestos Management update   Slides to go with presentation
Communication: how to and how not to  Slides to go with presentation
ROBUST business continuity planning  Slides to go with presentation
Duty of Care
How to build and maintain a culture of safe working practices

HSE Annual Progress Report and Future Plans
Equality Act 2010      Handout
Safe Maintenance Seminar
Simple Risk Assessment:    Summary    Presentation    Composite RA    Composite RA (MS Word)
HSE On-line Tool for RPE Selection
Quick Hitches on Excavators
Safe Use of Gas at Work
Forklift Driver Training -for Pedestrians
The Business Advantage of Saving the Planet
Leadership and Worker Involvement
Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Presentation    Slides
The uplifting Tale of the Paranoid MD! -Business Continuity
Prevention is Better than Cure -Statutory Inspection and Examination Regimes
Making Management Systems Simple

HSE Annual Progress Report and Future Plans
BS9999: Fire Safety in the Design, Use and Management of Buildings
Selection of Access Equipment
Effective Incident Investigation Explained
Rehabilitation after Injury or Ill-health
Management of Asbestos   Slides to go with presentation
New Chip Regulations
Getting to Grips with Vibration
Driver Training
IT Solutions for Workplace Safety

HSE Update and Workplan for 2009/10
Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions (RES) Act 2008
Protecting your Skin
Falls from Vehicles
Health and Safety at Community Events
Raising the HSE Profile with Vulnerable Groups
New Guidance on First Aid Training
Safety during Refurbishment
DSEAR with a bang
Provision of Industrial Lighting

HSE work in 2008/09
Risk Awareness, Detection, Action and Review
REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)
HSE Construction Group's Business Delivery Plan 2009/9
Agency Staff -the Corporate Risk and Mitigation
COSHH in the Real World
Corporate Manslaughter Seminar
Noise at Work Update
Gas Safety in the Worplace
TG20 Scaffolding Erection Procedure
Quick Hitch Devices on Excavators
Update (two years on) on the Fire Regulations [The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order
Fire Safety in the Home

HSE report on 2006 and looking forward to 2007
Nanotechnology – the regulatory challenge
Scaffolding for the Future
Local Authority Support for Cost Effective Waste Management
Midlands CDM Forum
Driver Fatigue and accompanying presentation
An Insurer's View of Risk Assessment
Lifting Operations for Construction Sites
Does it Look Good -is it safe?
Floor Safety at Birmingham City University
Management of Occupational Road Risk

HSE report on 2005 and looking forward to 2006
Kingswinford School Presentation
Managing Indoor Air Quality
Reducing Accidents and Cutting Costs
Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
Manual Handling and Work Place Connect
Rehabilitation: Thoughts and Activity on Employing the 'Unfit'
Practical Solutions to Preventing Falls From Height
Accidents under the Spotlight in Court
Applying the new Fire Regulations [The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005]

HSE report on 2004 and looking forward to 2005
The New Fire Regulations [The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005]
RPE Fit Testing
Reach for the Sky with Safer Lifting
Work at Height Regulations 2005
Managing Electrical Risk
Transport and Road Safety
Demolition with Safety
Work with Disability
Occupational Health Aspects of Dermatitis and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

HSE report on 2003 and looking forward to 2004
Asbestos regulations 2000 come of age
Changes to Electrical Installation Requirements in the Home
Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)
Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) 2002
Hand-Arm Vibration Awareness and Training
Health Issues in Construction
Management of Construction Transport Risks
Management of Stress in the Workplace
Use of Mobile Telephones in Cars
Waste Management and Producers' Responsibilities
Working at Heights Workshop

HSE report on 2002 and looking forward to 2003
Requiem for an HSE Inspector
Safe Procedures for Confined Spaces
Defensive Driving for Safer Roads
Managing Legionella
Hand-arm Vibration
Noise Risk Management
Construction Site Welfare Facilities

HSE report on 2001 and looking forward to 2002
Work Place Transport Accidents
Accident Investigation
Construction Skills Certification Scheme
Managing Asbestos in Buildings
The Holistic Approach to Handling
Scaffolding the Way Upwards

Safe Erection of Scaffolding
Asbestos: New Regulations and a New ACOP
CDM for Workplace Plant and Machines
Profit from the Environment
CDM II: the Effective Process Continues
Total Bodycare Because You're Worth It
Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and How to Prevent it
Codes of Practice for Smoking at Work
Practical Safety Improvements for Small Firms

HSE Annual Report for 1999
Successful CDM
Contaminated Land and Environmental Protection
A New Long-Term Occupational Health Strategy
Managing WOOLF
Health & Safety Climate Survey Tool
Successful CDM
Reducing Error and Influencing Behaviour
PUWER Guidance for Construction
Management of Occupational Road Risk

EMAS Challenges for the Millennium and Beyond
Working Time Regulations
Working Safely at Heights
Lifting Operations and Lifting: HSE View
Lifting Operations and Lifting: Operators View
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Aspects of Health and Safety Performance
The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997
The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997
Safeguarding Temporary Workers of all Ages
Risk Assessment Revisited
Accidents Hurt
Changing Role of HSE
Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Hse Report 1997
Safety of Machines
Construction Safety Training
Safe Systems of Work in Practice
How To Set Up An Effective Safety Management System and HSE Impressions Of How Industry Has Coped With This Task


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