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Established 1930


News 2016
  • Added 31/12/16
    BHSEA: December Newsletter published

  • Added 15/12/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from December meeting available
    'Transitioning to ISO 14001:2015'
    'Environmental Law Update'
    'Pollution Prevention (Waste)'

  • Added 1/12/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from November SHAD 'Health and Safety in Construction' available

  • Added 30/11/16
    BHSEA: November Newsletter published

  • Added 18/11/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from November meeting available
    'The weird world of electromagnetic fields (EMF)'
    'Driving Safely at Work'
    'Arc Flash'
    'Electricity at Work: Practical application of the 1989 Regulations'

  • Added 23/10/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from October meeting available
    ‘It’s All Gone Wrong: What Do I Do Now?’

  • Added 23/10/16
    BHSEA: October Newsletter published

  • Added 3/10/16
    BHSEA: Presentations from September meeting available
    'Stress Related Case Law'
    'Taking the Stress out of Mental Health'
    'Wellbeing - engaging the workforce' -3M Safe Tea Break

  • Added 30/9/16
    BHSEA: September Newsletter published

  • Added 12/9/16
    HSE: INDG478 Risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool

  • Added 12/9/16
    HSE: L23 Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 Guidance on Regulations (fourth edition)

  • Added 11/8/16
    HSE: Gas Safety Week 19-25 September 2016

  • Added 11/8/16
    HSE: HSG246 Safety in the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock (Second edition) revised guidance

  • Added 2/8/16
    HMG: New minister for health and safety announced

  • Added 16/7/16
    Active Response Security: Children's Safety on Construction Sites learning package

  • Added 11/7/16
    BHSEA: Presentations from July SHAD available
    'Plant Safety'

  • Added 27/6/16
    BHSEA: June Newsletter published

  • Added 26/7/16
    BHSEA: Presentations from June meeting available
    'Sentencing Guidlines'
    'Bird and Pest Solutions'

  • Added 25/5/16
    BHSEA: Free Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace sessions in June details

  • Added 18/5/16
    BHSEA: Presentations from May meeting available
    'Keeping Health and Safety Simple in a Complicated World'
    'Racking -what can go wrong'

  • Added 18/5/16
    BHSEA: May Newsletter published

  • Added 10/5/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from April Seminar available
    'Claims Management Seminar'

  • Added 31/4/16
    HSE: New Chair of HSE appointed

  • Added 30/4/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from April meeting available
    'Digital Risk & Safety'

  • Added 30/4/16
    BHSEA: Presentations from April SHAD available
    'Good Health is Good Business'

  • Added 22/4/16
    BHSEA: April Newsletter published

  • Added 22/4/16
    HSE: Explosives Regulations 2014 (Amendment) Regulations 2016 updated guidance

  • Added 1/4/16
    BHSEA: March Newsletter published

  • Added 31/3/16
    HSE: Interim Head of HSE appointed

  • Added 18/3/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from March meeting available
    'Scaffolding Update including T20:13 and SG4:15'

  • Added 8/3/16
    BHSEA: Alan Buttler Award Submission made available

  • Added 19/2/16
    BHSEA: February Newsletter published

  • Added 17/2/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from February meeting available
    'Manual Handling – A different approach'

  • Added 9/2/16
    HSE: Working at height whilst window cleaning webpage

  • Added 9/2/16
    HSE: Musculoskeletal disorders in the cleaning industry webpage

  • Added 4/2/16
    BHSEA: January Newsletter published

  • Added 29/1/16
    HSE: The control of legionella in dry/wet cooling systems webpage

  • Added 25/1/16
    BHSEA: Presentation from January meeting available
    'HSE Annual Progress Reoprt and Future Plans'

  • Added 11/1/16
    HSE: CDM 2015 and the entertainment industry guidance


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