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Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association
Member of Safety Groups UK    Affiliated to ROSPA

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Established 1930


News 2017
  • Added 17/12/17
    BHSEA: AGM papers available

  • Added 17/12/17
    BHSEA: December Newsletter published

  • Added 12/12/17
    8 January 2018: BHSEA AGM and address by Regional Director HSE
    BHSEA Members -are you willing to consider joining the BHSEA Advisory Committee? Details here

  • Added 12/12/17
    BHSEA: Presentation prepared for the December meeting available
    Note: meeting was cancelled due to snow
    'Risk Assessment Refresher'

  • Added 22/11/17
    BHSEA: November Newsletter published

  • Added 16/11/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from November meeting available
    'Why sitting won't actually kill you'
    'Enablement: the case for providing reasonable adjustments'
    'Sudden Cardiac Arrest: LIFEPAK CR Plus AED'

  • Added 4/10/17
    BHSEA: October Newsletter published

  • Added 30/10/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from October meeting available
    'Diabetes at Work'
    'Drugs and Alcohol Testing in Construction'
    'Health in Construction'

  • Added 4/10/17
    BHSEA: September Newsletter published

  • Added 4/10/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from September meeting available
    'BHSEA and Social Media'
    'Contractors in Practice'
    'Use of Contractors –Common Issues?'
    'Contractors and the control of risk'

  • Added 30/6/17
    BHSEA: June Newsletter published

  • Added 13/6/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from June meeting available
    'Preparing for an Enforcement Visit'
    'Legal Update'

  • Added 31/5/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from Annual Symposium 'Buisness Continuity -Improving Resilience: Reducing Risk' available

  • Added 25/5/17
    BHSEA: May Newsletter published

  • Added 9/5/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from May meeting available
    'Beyond Behavioural Safety'
    'Nudging Health and Safety'
    'Insurance Claims'

  • Added 15/4/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from April meeting available
    'Wellbeing: What, Why and How'
    'Managing Staff with Mental Health Problems'

  • Added 30/4/17
    BHSEA: April Newsletter published

  • Added 15/4/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from April meeting available
    'Wellbeing: What, Why and How'
    'Managing Staff with Mental Health Problems'

  • Added 15/4/17
    BHSEA: Presentation from April SHAD meeting available
    'CDM, Fire and the Key Risks'
    'Fire Safety in Construction'
    'Fire Protection on Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation: Practical Solutions'

  • Added 25/3/17
    BHSEA: March Newsletter published

  • Added 25/3/17
    BHSEA: Presentations from March meeting available
    'CDM: Is it doing the job two years on?'
    'Safety by Design'
    'CCTV Assisting the Health and Safety Adviser'

  • Added 24/2/17
    BHSEA: February Newsletter published

  • Added 20/2/17
    BHSEA: Presentations from February meeting available
    'Coaching: Be the best you can be'
    'Psychosocial Risk Factors'

  • Added 24/1/17
    BHSEA: January Newsletter published

  • Added 15/1/17
    BHSEA: Presentations from January meeting available
    'HSE's Strategies, Plans and Priorities'
    'Learning from Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses'


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