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Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association
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Established 1930


News Update 2018
  • Added 13/12/18
    BHSEA: 2019 BHSEA Programme published

  • Added 24/11/18
    BHSEA: November Newsletter published

  • Added 14/11/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from November meeting available
    'Environmental Updates'
    'Local Authority HS Enforcement'

  • Added 25/10/18
    BHSEA: October Newsletter published

  • Added 23/10/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from October meeting available
    'Construction Update'
    'Scaffolding Safety Update'
    'Modern Day Slavery in the Supply Chain'
    'CITB Update'

  • Added 10/10/18
    BHSEA/HSE: Plant Safety SHAD (held 27.9.18) slides

  • Added 10/10/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from September meeting available
    'Managing Stress and Fatigue at Work'
    'Putting the 'H' into Health and Safety'
    'Behavioural Tools and Techniques'

  • Added 2/10/18
    BHSEA: September Newsletter published

  • Added 31/8/18
    BHSEA/HSE: 'Plant Safety' -free event on 27.9.18 more details

  • Added 2/7/18
    BHSEA: June Newsletter published

  • Added 14/6/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from June meeting available
    'Breathing New Life into Law: Health and Safety Law Update'
    'Production of Health and Safety Risk Registers'

  • Added 14/6/18
    BHSEA: PUWER Assessment Template from May meeting added

  • Added 26/5/18
    BHSEA: May Newsletter published

  • Added 16/5/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from May meeting available
    'Sharing, Leading and Improving'
    'Measuring Safety Performance'
    'Expert Training for Everyone'
    'Risk Management in Manufacturing: Machinery Safety'

  • Added 11/5/18
    BHSEA: Slides from the Annual Seminar 'Mock Trial' available

  • Added 8/5/18
    BHSEA: April Newsletter published

  • Added 1/5/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from April meeting available
    'Health, Safety and Welfare in Facilities Management'
    'Management of On-Site Transport'

  • Added 9/4/18
    BHSEA: March Newsletter published

  • Added 5/4/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from March meeting available
    'HS2 Challenges and Opportunities'

  • Added 22/2/18
    BHSEA: Details of Annual Seminar -Mock Trial available

  • Added 22/2/18
    BHSEA: February Newsletter published

  • Added 22/2/18
    BHSEA: Presentations from February meeting available
    'Should you take tablets for an audit?'
    'Implementation of GDPR in a Large UK and European Business'
    'Managing Occupational Health Risks'

  • Added 31/1/18
    BHSEA: January Newsletter published

  • Added 31/1/18
    BHSEA: Presentation from January meeting available
    'HSE's Strategies, Plans and Priorities'


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