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Established 1930


News Update 2019
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  • Added 16/12/19
    BHSEA: December Newsletter published

  • Added 16/12/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from December meeting available
    'Mental Health Awareness and Emotional Resistance'
    'Creating Compassionate Workplaces'
    'Calling all Farmers'

  • Added 18/11/19
    BHSEA: November Newsletter published

  • Added 18/11/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from November meeting available
    'Environmental Law Update'
    'Environmental Management Systems'
    'Oil spills to knotweed -Site enviromental awareness training'

  • Added 29/10/19
    BHSEA: October Newsletter published

  • Added 25/10/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from October meeting available
    'HSE Construction Health Unit Update'
    'Work Place Inspections'

  • Added 26/9/19
    BHSEA: September Newsletter published

  • Added 23/9/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from September meeting available
    'Managing Paint Spraying'
    'Achieving Contractor and Supplier Management Success'

  • Added 28/7/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from the July SHAD available
    'Temporary Works in Construction'

  • Added 10/7/19
    BHSEA: June Newsletter published

  • Added 6/7/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from June meeting available
    'Legal update'
    'Registered Safety Supplier Scheme'

  • Added 22/5/19
    BHSEA: May Newsletter published

  • Added 22/5/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from May meeting available
    'Welding Fume update'
    'Legionella Control'
    'Hand Arm Vibration'

  • Added 13/5/19
    BHSEA: April Newsletter published

  • Added 13/5/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from the Annual Seminar available
    'Asbestos: Still Out There -Still a Killer'

  • Added 13/5/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from April meeting available
    'ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System'
    'Feeding the American Army in Normandy'

  • Added 22/3/19
    BHSEA: March Newsletter published

  • Added 19/3/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from March meeting available
    'Improving the health of workers'
    'Alcohol and drugs in the workplace'
    'Near miss investigation'

  • Added 20/2/19
    BHSEA: February Newsletter published

  • Added 19/2/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from February meeting available
    'Risk Assessments -what does the law require?'
    'Safety Apps'
    'Examples of Risk Assessments'

  • Added 4/2/19
    BHSEA: January Newsletter published

  • Added 2/2/19
    BHSEA: Presentations from January meeting available
    'HSE's HSE Progress Report, Plans & Priorities'
    'Conversational Gambits'

  • Added 2/1/19
    BHSEA: December Newsletter published

  • Added 2/1/19
    BHSEA: Presentation from December meeting available
    'Work Equipment Inspections'

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