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Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association
Established 1930


Past Programmes

Annual Programme for 2006

Summaries of the given at meetings available

All meetings will be held at

at 2pm.

Each meeting attracts 1 CPD point for Registered Safety Practitioners.

9 January

Annual General Meeting and Presentation of the HSE's Progress Report and Future Plans

Mrs Marcia Davies, HSE Regional Director, West Midlands

There will also a presentation by the Old Swinford School on a health and safety project that they have done.

13 February

Environmental Monitoring in Buildings

Derrick Jepson, Regional Sales Manager, TSI Instruments

Is your workplace too hot, too cold or is there anything more seriously wrong? Have you got a chronically Sick Building?

13 March

Reducing Accidents and Cutting Costs on Construction Sites

Alan Ritchie, General Secretary of UCATT and Neil Maycock, Safety and Sustainability Director, Carillion plc

A fresh perspective of this perenial problem from both sides of the employee/employer standpoints.

10 April

The New Noise Regulations

Pete Milner, Casella

The new Control of Noise Regulations will have come into force in April and will cause employers to review their approach to controlling this risk. The speaker will describe a practical strategy for achieving this.

8 May

Regulating New Technologies

Brian Fullam, HSE Corporate Science Unit, Bootle

Nano-technology brings great benefits to our everyday lives but have you found out about the new threats it may pose to established working methods and how to protect against these hidden, different types of risk?

22 June

Materials Handling Workshop

To be held at the National Motor Cycle Museum

The 'Ups' and 'Downs' of Moving those Loads!

Full details of programme, speakers and registration form here.

Aim of the Workshop
To give delegates a comprehensive strategy for Materials Handling in all types of occupational activities and the reduction and mitigation of the risks. The workshop will give delegates the practical skills to do risk assessments themselves and how to develop recruitment and rehabilitation policies. There will also be displays from suppliers in the Materials Handling industry to give delegates a complete package on Materials Handling requirements.

Who should attend?
Anyone with a duty to manage materials handling operations safely and healthily in the workplace. This will typically include SME Managers and/or Directors, Self- Employed Persons, Safety Specialists, Contractors, Consultants or Trainers working in all sectors of Industry, Commerce, or Education.

This will be a one-day event, with guidance in the morning from specialist speakers on the use of the HSE's Manual Handling Assessment Chart, the brand new Workplace Health Connect Initiative for small and medium businesses, together with advice on staff recruitment and related Occupational Health issues.

In the afternoon, this will be followed by a comprehensive range of case studies to reinforce the learning points from the morning sessions. At the end of the day delegates should be able to set up their own materials handling strategy and working procedures for controlling this significant area of risk.

This intensive programme will be supported by a CD-ROM delegate pack containing detailed, practical guidance from speakers and HSE literature, designed to give the user the ability and confidence to use the techniques successfully "in-house" after the workshop event.

11 September

Employing the Unfit

Dr Nerys Williams, Department for Work and Pensions

Modern thinking emphasises the need to get injured workers back to work as soon as possible after and accident or ill health. Is this the latest 'bullying' tactic or an enlightened approach to recovery? Dr Williams has carried out some enlightened research for the DWP.

9 October

Practical Solutions to Preventing Falls

Phil Emery, Occupational Health and safety Instructor, Speedy Hire Ltd.

Falls from Height are still a serious killer and source of major injury in the Construction Industry. Before he became a safety instructor, Phil had over 20 years experience in the construction industry and worked on the installation of glazed walling and roofing systems in some of the tallest buildings in Birmingham and Merryhill.

Phil will emphasise that it isnít just the falls from great heights that can kill and seriously maim, by showing us practical solutions for protecting workers operating just a short distance above the ground.

His presentation will also show that the Hire Industry can also provide an economical solution to most work at height problems, which should encourage more employers to seek out more effective ways of assessing the risks before the job starts!

13 November

Accidents Under the Spotlight in Court

Nicola Cardenas-Blanco, Martineau Johnson

The prospect of rigorous cross examination in court adds extra need to be careful with gathering evidence. The speaker will explain how to anticipate and avoid some of the recognisable pitfalls.

11 December

The New Fire Legislation

Jonathan Herrick, West Midlands Fire Service

This will be a timely feedback on the first few months experience of this revolution in fire safety legislation and a useful pointer to the way forward.


at 2pm
Complimentary lunch from 1.15pm onwards


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