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HSE: A new website section on Pandemic Influenza has been set up. It has general information, specific information for health care and laboratory workers and advice about business continuity planning. See it here -added 16.12.05

HSE: HSE has published new guidance leaflet giving an overview on Work Place Transport Safety. It is aimed at both management and operatives and identifies some of the safety problems for common vehicle operations. Down loaded it here.
Also published is priced publication Workplace Transport Safety: An Employers’ Guide (HSG136). This comprehensive guidance provides advice on all aspects of workplace transport operations. Although primarily aimed at managers and supervisors, it is equally useful for safety and union representatives, contractors, the self-employed and employees. Details here.
See also HSE's web page for other transport safety information. -added 13.12.05

HSE: HSE has published new guidance Whole Body Vibration: The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. This will be helpful to those who operate off-road machinery and construction vehicles as well as industries where drivers can be exposed to shocks and jolts while travelling over rough ground like, mining and quarrying.
Press release here
HSE Vibration web page here -added 5.12.05

HSE: HSE has published the health and safety statistics for 2004/2005 Details here -added 29.11.05

HSE: HSE now has a web page that provides links to sources of information and guidance on slips and trips. It includes posters, audio clips and a speakers pack. More information here -added 29.11.05

HSC: HSC has announced that Geoffrey Podger is joining the HSE as it’s Chief Executive. More information here -added 28.11.05

HSE: Construction Information Sheet 47(rev1) -Inspection and Reports, has been published. Download it here -added 27.11.05

HSE: A new website section on Health and safety in the entertainment industry has been set up. See it here -added 23.11.05

HSE: As part of the Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy, the HSE set 44 action points looking at specific areas to help meet the targets to improve health and safety. This report contains the latest information on progress so far and developments with the action points. Eight case studies are also presented. Details here. -added 16.11.05

HSC: The Health and Safety Commission has published a consultative document seeking comments on proposed amendments to the Asbestos Regulations and Approved Code of Practice. The HSC is aiming to simplify and rationalise the legislative regime by combining the three sets of current asbestos regulations - on controls, licensing and prohibitions - into one. It is also proposing to align the criteria for notifying the enforcing authority of work with asbestos with the requirement to have an HSE asbestos licence.
The consultation period runs until 31 January 2006.
More details and consltation document here.
Press release here. -added 7.11.05

HSE: Ladders and Stepladders HSE has issued three new leaflets on ladders and stepladders.
Safe use of ladders and stepladders: An employers' guide. Down loaded it here. -added 21.10.05
A toolbox talk on leaning ladder and stepladder safety. Down loaded it here. -added 21.10.05
Top tips for ladder and stepladder safety. Down loaded it here. -added 21.10.05
See below for more information on the Work at Height Regulations.

HSE: Noise HSE has issued two new leaflets on noise.
Noise at work - Guidance for employers on the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Down loaded it here. -added 21.10.05
Protect your hearing or lose it! Down loaded it here. -added 21.10.05

HSE: Mobile plant HSE issued a warning to the construction industry about possible dangers with two items of mobile plant commonly used by construction companies – mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers. Details here. -added 13.10.05

HSE: Tower scaffolds The leaflet Construction sheet 10 Tower scaffolds has been revised. Downloaded it here. -added 4.10.05

HSE: Thermal comfort for workplace temperatures HSE has set up a website looking at what is meant by thermal comfort in the workplace and what the law says. It provides guidance for managers to help them conduct a thermal comfort risk assessment, information for workers, and suggest ways of improving thermal comfort in the workplace. -added 4.10.05

HSE: Human Factors and Ergonomics HSE has revised its Human Factors and Ergonomics website. The HSE recognises the importance that human factors can play in helping avoid accidents and ill-health at work and suggests a great deal more can be done to prevent them. -added 4.10.05

HSE: 'Watch your step' campaign HSE has set up a website with information for employers and employees. -added 4.10.05

HSE: Hand-arm Vibration HSE has published a comprehensive guide on Hand-arm vibration (HAV). The guide, 'Hand-arm vibration: Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005' gives advice of what needs to be done to reduce and control the risks of HAV under the Control of Vibration Work Act 2005. The new guide is aimed at employers, health and safety advisors, specialists and occupational health professionals. Details here. -added 3.10.05

HSE: Workers' Web Pages The Workers’ Web Pages have been revised. They include extensive information on the health and safety roles and responsibilities of employees, including the rights of agency workers. -added 15.9.05

HSE: Internal Operational Instructions & Guidance The HSE has made available the current internal instructions and guidance it uses to carry out its core operational work of inspecting, investigating, permissioning and enforcing.
The material is presented here essentially in the same way as it is made available to HSE staff but with some additional explanation for an external audience. -added 15.9.05

HSE: Slips and Trips A leaflet 'Slips and trips: the importance of floor cleaning' has been published. Downloaded it here. -added 12.9.05

HSE: Slips and Trips A leaflet 'Preventing slips and trips at work' (INDG225) has been published. Downloaded it here. -added 12.9.05

HSE: Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 The leaflet 'A Short Guide to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992' has been revised. Downloaded it here. -added 12.9.05

HSE: Fit Out Campaign - October 2005 Throughout October HSE Construction Division Inspectors will carry out targeted national inspections looking at the issues of low falls and good order at construction projects that are approaching completion. More details available here. -added 12.9.05

HSE: Work at Height Regulations The HSE have produced a speaker's pack for people who are planning to do awareness talks on the Work at Height Regulations. It is a Powerpoint presentation with associated speakers notes.
The HSE have also made available the presentations that were used for the formal training of HSE and Local Authority Inspectors on the regulations. They are in pdf format and include back ground information on the regulations, requirements of duty holders, examples of good and bad practice and breaches, enforcement options, information on fall protection equipment and ladder use.
The speakers pack and the training presentations can be downloaded here.
See below for more information on the regulations.
See above for new leaflets on ladders and stepladders. -added 19.8.05

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 received Parliamentary approval on 7 June 2005 and is expected to come into force on 1 April 2006.
The Order shifts the emphasis of fire safety law to fire prevention, which is to be achieved by undertaking fire risk assessments and by adopting appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce the risks identified.
Under the new Order, fire safety will become the responsibility of the "Responsible Person", usually the Employer. Non-compliance will be dealt with by enforcement notices specifying the remedial action required (and possibly also prohibiting certain conduct) and/or by prosecutions commenced against the Responsible Person.
More information is available from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's website.
Details of seminars including one in Birmingham on 1 February 2006 here. -added 19.8.05 -updated 18.10.05

Environment Agency: The Hazardous Waste Regulations replaced the Special Waste Regulations in England and Wales from 16 July 2005. Most organisations who produce and wish to dispose of hazardous waste should have registered with the Enviroment Agency. More waste, including televisions with cathode ray tubes, computer monitors, fluorescent light tubes and end of life vehicles, are now classed as hazardous waste.
Read a summary of the regulations and guidance here. -added 29.7.05

OPSI: The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 are published and come into force 6 April 2006.
Note OPSI=Office of Public Sector Information (was HMSO) -added 15.7.05

HSC: Amendments to the COMAH 1999 Regulations came into force on 30 June 2005. The Control of Major Accident Hazards (Amendment) Regulations 2005 broaden the scope of COMAH to take into account recent industrial accidents and the results of research on carcinogens and substances dangerous for the environment. They implement the Directive known as the Seveso II Directive.
Additional information about chemicals and COMAH can be found on the HSE's Chemical Manufacture and Storage website -added 17.6.05

HSE: A new website section on Metal Working Fluids has been set up. -added 30.5.05

HSE: The The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations came into force on 6 July 2005. Guidance and leaflets will be available later in the year. The HSE also intends to run a series of seminars in the autumn on noise and vibration which will include the requirements of the new regulations. Details will appear on the HSE's vibration web pages. -added 20.5.05

HSE: A new website section entitled 'Sensible Health and Safety' has been set up. During 2005 the HSE want to take forward a debate about how risk can be sensibly managed. These pages on this web site will grow with the debate. -added 19.5.05

HSE: Preventing slips and trips in kitchens and food service-revised leaflet -added 13.5.05

Electrical Contractors' Association: Practical alternatives to using step ladders Part 1 (September 04) and Part 2 (January 05) -added 30.5.05

HSE: A new website section on Moving Goods Safely has been set up. -13.5.05

HSE's Backs! initiative
The HSE is running a major national initiative this summer [2005] focused on reducing the incidence of back pain at work. -added 20.4.05

Home Office: Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill published 23 March 2005. View Draft here Comments now closed. -added 18.4.05

HSE: Proposals to consolidate and revise the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations 1994 and the Construction (Health Safety and Welfare) (CHSW) Regulations 1996, and revise the supporting guidance.
Consultation now closed. -added 18.4.05

HSE: Discussion to review of The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. (RIDDOR)
Discussion now closed. -added 18.4.05

HSE: Revised guidance on the correct selection and safe use of RPE -added 13.5.05

HSE: Work at Height Regulations 2005 -added 20.4.05

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